Over the last two years Delta Innovation has focused on contribution to developing new, cost-efficient technology related to subsea field development.
We hope that our technology can lead to general cost saving, reduction in campaign requirements, overall reduced vessel requirements, as well as to a general simplification and decrease in post-installation inspections and maintenance.
In the development process, we have concentrated on how to simplify the template and satellite systems and corresponding tie-in solutions to pipelines and production units. Our system consists of two main structures:
The Sting and The Turtle.

The Sting in brief

S = Spool Installation
TI = Tie In and Protection
N = Next
G = Generation System

The Sting is an integrated spool installation and tie-in system that can accommodate unrivaled pipeline expansion in a compact unit that does not require its protection systems to be of conventional closed GRP configuration or alike. The system can be installed to protect its integrated tie-in spools with its protection structure allowing free passage of water and even allowing rock ingress into the structure while maintaining its flexibility and functionality.
The Sting System includes a number of new features and integrated systems to allow the system to have a significantly reduced footprint, allow free water passage around members, allow rock ingress, accommodate and dampen slugging effects allow spool legs to be adjusted at sea from immediate metrology data prior being installed. It is a fully integrated spool and protection system that allows for easy installation even from smaller vessels, without the need for external aids, like spreader bars or strongbacks.
It also allows the tie-in to the in-line tee on "difficult" seabed without the need of rock-dump carpeting to stabilise the terrain.


The Turtle in brief

T = Trees located along the center
U = Umbilical assemblies and Manifold to the side
R = ROV/ AUT access optimisation
T = Tie-in porches may be heavily simplified, even eliminated
L = Low overall COG
E = Elevations of systems are decreased - less protection requirements

The Turtle is a re-arrangement of the conventional satellite / subsea template to include modular build up with trees in the center, manifold to one side and controls and umbilical interfaces to the other side.
The central roof area and its height are significantly reduced, and the unit further provides for increased modularization of e.g. manifold and controls with its units at lower elevations. Included units may easily be accessed and replaced as required with a minimal intervention around the trees.
The Turtle is a modular structure that can accommodate single satellites, dual satellites and up to four slots or more as dictated by the best field depletion scenarios. The number of wells per unit may easily be differentiated based on field properties. The Turtle includes the trees in the middle, the pipe manifold at one side preferably closest to the pipeline interface and umbilical + control systems at the other side. The configuration reduces overall dimensions and exposure to external loading.