Delta Innovation is developing a new Field Joint Coating System for insulated pipelines, the HeliGrip Constriction System.
Our proprietary system allows, in addition to other features, prefabricated insulation inserts to be permanently constricted to secure radial compression and system stability for the lifespan of the pipeline.
The HeliGrip Constriction System (HGCS) is envisaged to have the significant cost saving potential in a number of applications both onshore and offshore.
Delta Innovation will present results from our test and qualification program as we move ahead bringing the fully developed system to the market.

The HeliGrip Constriction System

The system allows the use of loose insulation inserts to be applied firmly and permanently locked down to the pipe surface.
Lockdown is provided using a helical clamping device with a longitudinal immutable layer attached to flexible tubes.
The attached tube is filled with the curable medium under pressure.
Pressurization and curing apply an everlasting compression to the underlying insulation inserts.


Step 1

The welding process.


Step 2

Cleaning and corrosion prevention.


Step 3

Application of the adhesive bonding layer.


Step 4

Application of the insulation inserts.


Step 5

Application of the Permanent Radial Force System.


Step 6

Pressurizes resin flow to produce the force needed for the constriction process.
The curing process is significantly faster comparing to the curing of the full conventional resin-based field joint.


Step 7

Application of the outer sealing and the protective sleeve.