With international recognition that emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases carry a price, businesses must adapt to limit their environmental impact and to avoid potential financial consequences.  Following the Paris Agreement it is anticipated that there will be increased pressure on businesses to measure and manage greenhouse gas emissions. Delta Innovation thus offers additional services within
Renewable Energy/Sustainability and may be engaged to conduct research and advise on carbon accounting, low-carbon investment, renewable energy project feasibility, including policy and regulation of climate finance.
The designed device shown is an easily maintained, non conflicting marine life fluid drag powered machine has been estimated to provide a power rating of 2.0MW based on a peak tidal current velocity of approx. 5.7 knots. The device can operate over a range of scales and tidal velocities – between 3.5 and 10 knots peak whilst accommodating the variation in generation frequency arising from the varying tidal velocity affecting each device within an array due to current fluctuation. Each device can act as a master, or slave, generator thereby allowing array output to be continuous in the event of an individual failure and also permit further array expansion by simple addition of further device(s).
An estimated 2MW device would provide an annualised power output of 7.5Gwh in 5.7knot peak current tidal profile. This gives an extremely high yield compared to other competing arrangements. A further advantage over other competitors is the vastly reduced exit water disturbance plume which permits a greater machine density within any development area. A guiding principle of this Tidal Generator concept is the reduced wet moving part interaction operation, minimising friction incorporating as many commercially available components as possible with the lowest parts count as is practical. Where bespoke components are required they will be designed so as to facilitate mass production and readily available ordinary skill sets.

Tidal power generator